The Fifty Reasons Why It's Great to be a Man!

There are a lot of reasons why it's great to be a man:
  • You can make a decision whithout someone asking you 'If it's ok?"
  • If you get into a fight, you won't have to listen to some idiot making cat noises
  • The only wings you'll ever care about are on on airplane
And many more! Personally, I love being a man, and I've put the reasons down in writing so that you can enjoy them to.

But why stop there? I've enlisted the help of Lacy Logan and JGPhotos to illustrate this book and to make it even more entertaining to you.

Want more? Fine - I'm also including what is perhaps the most guarded secret in all of history: The Ten Secrets that No Woman Must Ever Know.
That's right! Kept for millennia among a secret few, these are the secrets guarded most closely by men around the world, passed down from Adam and now delivered to you!

So how can I make this all even better? How about by making it FREE! That's right - because this is information that belongs in every man's hands, and because Lacy is so unimaginably good looking I can't think of any amount that I should charge for this book, so I'm not even going to try.

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The Fifty Reasons
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