Know your Foveans:

Adahisdi Gádodi Hagata Kills with a Glance, Shela’s father, war lord of the powerful Long Manes tribe
Admiral Geledar Taboorin In charge of the Trenboni Royal Fleet, commands the Tech Ship flag ship, “My Lady’s Lovely Way”. One of the few survivors of the Battle of the Deceptions on the Trenboni side
Akasema Duu Bara Hindi ambassador. His name means, “He says nothing”
Angry Lion A tall, thin Andaran in his late thirties with a bare chest and hair down past his arm pits, chieftain of the Hunter tribe of Andaran
As Adanvdo Tough Spirit, Hungry’s wife. A sorceress whom Shela fears
Avek Noir An Uman-Chi caster whose family was disgraced by Lupus' conquest of the Outpost IX. He later worked for Lupus as a Wolf Soldier, before returning to Trenbon and becoming heir apparent.
Averree Stowe youngest of Glennen's daughters
Bara Hindi Tiger clan of Toor, Eusi Mfupa (Black Bones) is their warlord.
Black Hawk A sturdy looking man with hair shot with grey, wearing a leather breast guard, his arms poking out muscular from its sides. He is chieftain of the Bear tribe
Byark Olgarson Leader of the City With No Name. A heavy-set, bushy Volkhydran with a gravelly voice.
Ceberro Duke of Eldador - His hair had gone gray and hung from his tonsured scalp to his armpits. He had one eyebrow, still black, across both green eyes. He had a hawk-like nose and his mouth formed a thin, pink line
Chesswaya Daughter of the Andaran woman, Little Bird, of the Drifter tribe
Daharef The general who replaced Sammin. Of the race of men, he has a curled, grey moustache and large ears and a bald head
Datreve The leader of the Shem Hannen
Dellick Jarves A younger Man, in his 20's, with brown hair and eyes, a court baron who would later be elevated. He tended to dress like the Emperor, but with shorter hair.
Devarre Second among the Shem Hannen
Dragor Volkha Karl Henekhson's cousin and the Duke of Hydro - second to the King in the hierarchy of Volkhydro. He was named after his grandfather
Drenten An older Wolf Soldier who likes to drink and gamble. Assigned for a year to the First Millenia
Duke Groff He stands tall and thin, with straight gray hair down past his shoulders
Eusi Mfupa Warlord of the Tiger clan of Toor. His name means Black Bones
Evleck Rohr Duke of Hydrus, a former court baron, and not one of the best and brightest. He's advised by General Daharef and relies heavily on him
Gáhnage Tawodi Black Hawk, chieftain of the Bear clan
Gartheld Daggonin An up-and-comer in the Eldadorian Regulars. He is dressed in Eldadorian greens with steel sleeves and leggings, a sword over his back. His white hair circled the bald spot on the top of his head, his full moustaches drooped two inches past the corners of his mouth. He has full lips and a ruddy nose, and brown eyes
Geeguh Digatish Andaron War Chief in charge of Chatoos
General Grak of Andurin Of the race of Men, an Eldadorian son of the Duke Groff, gone to the Regulars for a military career. Like his father, he stood tall and thin, with straight hair down past his shoulders, brown showing a little gray. Like Daggonin, he dressed in Eldadorian greens with steel sleeves and leggings, and a thin sword on his hip.
General Tagamack Commander of the city of Wisex, a Volkhydran with short brown hair and eyes, clean shaven, in his late forties. He likes to wear loud colors under his Wolf Soldier
Gharf Bendenson King of Volkhydro, a fat, hairy man who rides a giant draft.
Grellia Dwarven female engineer with red hair, fine fingers and long eyebrows who helped build Wisex
Groff Duke of Andurin in Eldador. He is a spare man with a hook nose and a widow's peak, very stiff and formal. He is cautious in everything he does but, once he commits, he remains committed.
Guerrien fourth among the Shem Hannen
Haldarch Third among the Shem Hannen
Hectar Duke of Eldador
Hectaro Hectar's son, heir to the Ducal seat of Eldador the Port.
Jaspar Eldadorian Man and captain of The Bitch of Eldador. He’s a Wolf Soldier who grew up in Kor, built like a brick who died his hair green to mock the Uman-Chi, whom he hates. Brown eyes, blunt nose and oddly long incisors.
Jeng-Jeng River The river running West from the Black Lake into COnflu
Jing-Wei Confluni princess. Name means ‘Little Bird.’
Korrock of the One Mountain Scitai leader in Conflu.
Krell of the Aschire Nina of the Aschire's father, leader of his tribe
Lieutenant Radmon Rukh An Angadorian Knight Lieutenant
Little Bird Drifter girl sent to Eldador the Port, mother of Chesswaya
Major Keffar From Uman City – assistant to Vulpe
Major Lek Uman in the Eldadorian Regulars. Thin, rides a palomino
Nasgiagev Dasqualodi Gatsinula "She Runs Swiftly," Shela's Andaran name as a child, before she met Randy
Neveratta Volkhydran noble lady sent to Eldador the Port. She has an ample bosom and brown, kinky hair
Nina of the Aschire Daughter of Krell of the Aschire
O’spiree fat Uman nearly 100 years old, who runs the Eldadorian Palace's kitchens and staff
Radmon Rukh An Angadorian Knight Lieutenant of the race of Men.
Shellene Busty, red-haired sister of Ceberro’s girl friend. She's a plotter and a schemer, and she loves flowers in her thick hair
Sings Softly Wet Belly girl who is sent to Eldador the Port. Mother of Waya Daganogeda.
Tabaar Coin of the Eldadorian round. Copper tabaars are often called "pennies"
Tamoor A Volkhydran from Myr whose family moved to Eldador, now in the Eldadorian Guard
Terran Stowe youngest of Glennen's sons
Tom Kelgan Bounty Hunter assigned to Glennen’s council, remained when Randy took over. Long red hair.
Uhanala Tladatis Chieftain of the Hunters. His name means ‘angry lion’
Uyosi Wagatsukanasdena Chieftain of the Sure Foot clan. He is a bald, fat Andaran with six wives and a dozen daughters but no son. Name means ‘Hungry as a Bull’.
Waya Agiladia Wolf Riders tribe of Wisex
Waya Daganogeda Daughter of the Andaran woman, Sings Softly, of the Wet Belly tribe
Wisex An island city in the middle of the Black Lake
Yonega Waya Randy's Andaran name, given to him by Two Spears
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